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COVID-19 Frequenly Asked Questions and Updates



1) When will the season start?

This will be determined by our local USA Hockey district. Currently there is no set date.


2) Will players be allowed to change in the locker rooms?

Currently under the CDC guidelines, players are not allowed to use locker rooms or change inside of the arena.


3) Will players be required to wear masks?

Yes, they must currently wear a mask until they enter onto the ice surface.


4) Will there be team water bottles?

No, each player must bring their own water bottle and are not allowed to use another players water bottle.


5) Will parents be allowed inside the arena?

Currently, parents are not allowed inside due to the restricted number of people allowed in a facility. As the season begins we are hopeful this will change.


6) Will coaches wear masks?

Yes, any team official (coaches & managers) must wear a mask both off and on ice.


7) What happens if a player test positive for COVID-19.

We will follow all the CDC and USA Hockey protocols to inform players and parents if this were to happen.


8) Will teams be traveling to different states for games / tournaments?

Currently, it is recommenced that teams play within their region/state. We will continue to monitor the recommendations from USA hockey.


9) How many players will be allowed on the ice for practices?

This will be determined by the CDC guidelines as well as USA Hockey, currently the number of players is capped at 24 along with 1 coach.


10) What will happen if part or all of the season is canceled.

ESHA will refund based on a prorated rate.